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Praya Bar At RodDeeDed BanKhunNop

Praya Bar At RodDeeDed BanKhunNop


Product Description

A Stylish Venue to Chill out with your friends and family. Warm and Cozy atmosphere. Attentive Staff. Impressive Indoor seating as well along with Outdoor arrangement. Food with real Good quality. Beautiful Faint Lighting over the place and Lamps at the Outdoor space.

Enjoy the well-crafted drinks and admire the views of the City and cars moving around with music in background. Sanitation practiced. Social distancing maintained. Luscious items on the menu.

Finely garnished dishes look appealing. Grilled Shrimp Tacos, Grilled Beef Salad and Marijuana Steam Sauna are some of the tasty dishes offered.


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