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Bangkok Best Korean Restaurants

Where are the best Korean Restaurants in Bangkok? Your search ends here now.

We got the list of best Korean restaurants which should be on your must-visit list next time you are downtown Bangkok.

1. Jan Wong

If you want to find Koreans eating Korean food then Jan Wong is the restaurant where Koreans go for Korean food. This restaurant offers a great combo pack of fresh and delicious food with a friendly staff and a great ambiance. The quality of beef is outstanding if you are looking for either grilled meat or beef soup. Something to look forward to is the freebies or the side dishes that accompany your main course. As your wait for your main course to arrive, you can munch on some side dishes of kimchi with a variety of seasonings, crispy anchovies, scallion pancakes, and potato salad.

2. Myeong Ga

Another popular restaurant with the ex-pats is Myeong Ga which often requires reservations as the restaurant is packed during peak business hours. One of the most outstanding features is the barbecue which comes with real charcoal at your table (unlike other places that use the modern electric grill). Their bibimbap with raw egg yolk is highly recommended for those who enjoy authentic dishes served with raw egg yolk. This restaurant is slightly more expensive than other restaurants in this area but, nonetheless, it’s a popular restaurant for Korean food lovers.

3. Doo Rae

Doo Rae is a restaurant that also offers a great dining experience if you have a fat purse. Although it looks small from outside, it actually has four floors well suited for business meals or family get-togethers. Their spare ribs might be the best in town! You can order meats in the form of cubes and slices which you can cook on your barbecue. A word of caution, you may get up with a bloated belly from enjoying all the food. It’s a restaurant you would definitely visit again.

4. Salorman

In the midst of Korean BBQ restaurants, Salorman stands out as the only non-BBQ restaurant! Their specialization is friend chicken and that is why it has become a hit with many Thai customers who love Korean style “Gai Tod”. The most ordered dishes in this restaurant are boneless Yangyom Chicken, Boneless Fried Chicken and Teriyaki Chicken. These mouth-watering chicken dishes are either cooked in sauce or cooked plain with sauce to pour over. Free side dishes like kimchi accompany all dishes. Besides these treats, they also serve tapoki, bibimbab, and kimbap.

The “Korean Town” – as it is casually referred to – can be easily accessed from BTS Syktrain Asoke station and then a walk of around 10 minutes to Sukumvit Soi 12.

We recommend you visit Hustlers Bangkok after you’ve had your fill. After all, you need to get that Korean food digested.

Source – hustlersbangkok.com/blog/best-korean-dining-sukhumvit/

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