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The Best Coffee Shops In Bangkok

The Best Coffee Shops In Bangkok

Our list of the top must-visit cafes in Bangkok..

Exploring ancient temples, bartering down prices in sprawling markets and walking in sweltering heats can sometimes leave you exhausted in the city of Bangkok.

We need a cafe that can hide us from the day, fuel our energy with highly caffeinated beverages and sweet treats.

Bangkok has its fair share of awesome coffee spots and beautifully designed cafes, but some deserve more than a special mention and visit.

These cafes go above the bar to bring you excellently farmed, roasted and brewed coffee giving you the journey of bean to cup all in your morning brew. Many of these cafes champion Thai produce and are visionaries in leading coffee culture in Bangkok.

cafe neighbour cake and coffee
Cafe Neighbour, Bangkok.

We chose our coffee spots based on their sourcing and care of each bean.

Many of the cafes listed source Arabica coffee from the Northern parts of Thailand.

Many also roast their beans on-site and a few even own a plantation! If you care about your coffee, then these places will feed your desire for that perfect cup.

We know that good coffee is part of a package. Make sure to bring a camera to these hotspots so your Instagram schedule will be packed with vibrant colors and wood furnishings.

While not all of our choices have breakfast or lunch options, the majority of our choices make their bakery and cakes too.

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